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Social Media Info and PR Directory


What is Facebook Login Signup?

We are a unique network site connecting social media users to each other in one convenient location. What we do is allow for our users to post their social media profiles within our Social Media Business directory so other members can find your social media profiles to like, follow and do business with. There are thousands of like and follow sites but the bottom line is they offer one thing, the bonus of someone to follow you to achieve credits and that’s it. There is no interaction or growth of the profiles or the content within. This has all changed with our brilliant social media connection site. This is real people, following, liking, and interacting with real businesses and profiles.

How Does Facebook Login Signup Work?

There is no need to register unless you would like to post unique content on our blog pages, and YES it will be moderated and checked so dont post if you plan on spamming you will be banned. Upon placing a social media business listing you will have exposure to the members and non members, exposure throughout the site, and a nice healthy PR3 link pointing at you, our links are do follow so this is a big bonus. YES, this site is 100% FREE Social Media Promotion. So get posting and have fun, we are here to help and promote the social media community, email us any time in our contact section. Do not be afraid to ask for features or more goodies to be added to the site, that’s our job!


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